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Welcome To Big Rack Trophy Products and our Big Rack Whitetail Academy!

We don’t know of any other Seed Company or anyone teaching Whitetail Management in the country that has been able to do what we have done on a 100% FAIR CHASE 40 acre parcel... These bucks were all taken from this property by Jeff & Catie together.


- Jeff Helmers, President


Thank You!

Our Research...

This is how bucks mature using Big Rack Food Plots & Secret Weapon Minerals.

Photo 1 is a 3 ½ yr old buck from 2009 that we named Dagger.

Photo 2 is the same buck one year later at 4 ½ nearly to the day!


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2024 Upcoming Dates:

March 22nd, 23rd

March 29th, 30th

April 5th, 6th

April 12th, 13th

Jeff Helmers, President

Catie Helmers, Vice President

Big Rack Trophy Products Inc.

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