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BIG RACK Fall/Winter Extreme

BIG RACK Fall/Winter Extreme

This blend is a variety of nine different types of seed. It consists of rape seed, two seperate types of turnips, buckwheat, chicory, rye and several types of clover making it the most dominant fall and winter food plot available.  Then, when spring arrives, the spring and summer plot will already be set with perenials that consist in the rest of the blend.  Big Rack Fall/Winter Extreme attracts, holds and grows bigger bucks.  This mix contains pure seeds with no fillers and are to be planted in the fall
  • Details

    3 lbs. (1/4 acre) - $39.95
    15 lbs. (1 acre) - $127.00
    30 lbs. (2 acres) - $174.00
    50 lbs. (3.25 acres) - $325.00

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